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​The Frou-Frou Lure with Potential


an Orange Tongue Tufted Min-O-Spinner Tee Shirt - Click to Buy!I may be leather-tough from my time at sea, but I still appreciate humor, especially if it’s related to fishing. I wear an Orange Tongue Tufted Min-O-Spinner Tee Shirt on occasion, because this frou-frou lure, which was actually designed by a French clothier, gives me a chuckle whenever I see it. It’s fun for me to consider all the ways in which this ineffective lure came close to being a winner. One of my favorite pastimes is looking into the best lures, and this one can be compared to top lures for bass fishing.

Importance of Lure Color

This Orange Tongue Tufted Min-O-Spinner lure is a kaleidoscope of colors. Having bright colors isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, most tackle boxes filled with lures display a rainbow of various hues. As it turns out, research proves that color can be a key element in catching a fish. For instance, bass have the strongest vision in hues, ranging from shades of medium red to green. The same fish see purples and blues as gray. Now, if you are fishing in muddy water, color is irrelevant, since the lure color can’t be detected.

A Lure Good for Bass Fishing

Now, when it comes to bass fishing, I know a lot about lures. What tickles me is that the qualities in this Orange Tongue Tufted thingamajigger come close to making a good bass catcher. Here are a few of the qualities that will help your bass fishing trip be a successful one:

Bright colors. As mentioned, colors can be important. This lure could be a real attention-getter. But it has a lot going on, which apparently may not have good appeal. I think the brownish tail yarn throws the entire rest of it completely off.

Mechanical action. Some action on a lure can really catch the attention of bass. Wobbling from side-to-side is a good trait in a lure. The action on this legendary frou-frou bait ain’t bad. The random action it tends to have should be great for luring bass. Has me scratching my head.

Long, thin profile. Worms are often the best for catching bass. It’s possibly the best shape for a lure. Of course, this spinner bait doesn’t have that quality. In fact, bass seem to avoid prey that’s short and squatty, no matter how many colors it has. That could be why this lure never won anybody a fishing tournament.

Get the t-shirt

Have yourself some fun, even when there’s not a fishing pole in your hand. Get this Orange Tongue Tufted Min-O-Spinner T-Shirt at Gill McFinn’s. Tell them the man himself sent ya.

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